El Tigre – The Adventures of Manny Rivera PS2


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Category: Action
Status: Unreleased
Official Homepage: N/A
Platform: PS2
Publisher: Blue Tongue Software


From deep underground, Mikla, Prince of Doom and his AzTechs attack Miracle City. Mikla turns the city’s supervillains against each other so he can take over and the Rivera Family gets into some trouble when Puma Loco and the White Pantera are kidnapped. El Tigre must enlist the help of friends Frida and Black Cuervo to save his Dad and Granpapi!

  • Race against the clock for the best times in four punchy, fast-paced platforming levels: Miracle City, Calavera Mesa, Old Cemetery, AzTech Ruins
  • Play as El Tigre, Frida or Black Cuervo
  • Collect Macho (from Macho tokens, defeating enemies, and completing levels within the bonus time-limit) to defeat bosses and advance the story
  • Use Macho to unlock bonus costume and Shopping Cart “Downhill Run” levels
  • Unlockable bonus character
  • Features a new villain created specifically for the game by the TV show’s creator – introducing Mikla, Prince of Doom!



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