Imagine Ice Champions DS


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Category: Adventure
Status: Released
Official Homepage: N/A
Platform: DS
Publisher: Spike


Take a fun diversion into the world of competitive figure skating: using your stylus, you’ll be able to perform spins, jumps and impressive skating combinations. Wow the audience with salchows and other graceful moves.

Listen to your coach to learn new expert moves. Train hard but remember to balance your life by going to school and meeting up with friends. When it’s competition, be sure to choose the right song, costume and routine. And always try your best!

  • Choose from 3 different girls to play as and customize your character
  • Over 1000 patterns of customization with different clothes, hairstyles and accessories
  • Perform your figure skating moves and routine using the Nintendo DS stylus
  • Create your own figure skating routine including moves, music, costume and compete in the world cup
  • Play through a complete storyline that includes friends, rivals, training and schoolTake part in assortment of fun rhythm and matching mini-games



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