Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes DS


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Category: RPG
Status: Released
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Platform: DS
Publisher: Capybara Games


Through five unique and epic quests, players will alternate exploration and turn-based puzzle battles in the game to save the world of Ashan from demonic chaos. Might & Magic Clash of Heroes also adopts a brand new manga-style art design that is perfectly suited to Nintendo DS. In a world populated by knights, elves, wizards, necromancers and demons, gamers can manage their own hero, customize their army and lead campaigns in the mythic Might & Magic world.

  • A complete adventure game mixing exploration, strategy & puzzle battle
  • Explore maps to collect items & resources and unlock units & artifacts
  • Level up a hero and hire its army
  • Turn-based puzzle battle system with offensive & defensive combos & spells
  • 5 different factions, 5 different heroes with 5 different campaigns into the mythic fantasy universe of M&M
  • A colorful art direction in a manga style, mixing cute 2D environments & beautiful illustrated cut scenes
  • Single card & Multi-card 2 Players PVP Mode



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