My Pet Dolphin DS


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Category: Virtual Pet
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Platform: DS
Publisher: Star-Fish


Using the stylus, trainers are able to directly interact with their new Dolphin friends. This includes playing simple ball games, feeding them with the right foods at the right time and stroking their heads to reward improvement in ability. The dolphins will react positively or with a degree of reticence depending on how you choose to communicate with them. Learning how best to treat your dolphin is the key to earning their trust.

Once your new friend is onside, it’s time to work out some tricks and routines. This is implemented using intuitive actions such as dragging the head right for a right turn, dragging the head left for a left turn and drawing a circle for the dolphins to swim around. The performances in the pool in front the crowds let you know how much your dolphin has improved. Watch their reactions to judge how well your training has gone!

  • Is dolphin training proving to be a little tougher than you thought? The comprehensive help mode and encyclopaedia of dolphin facts will point you in the right direction, or simply offer an interesting reference point!
  • With no strict objectives to achieve or time limits to keep an eye on, Dolphin Friends is the perfect companion game to keep young hands busy whilst educating them on the life and habits of the most charming of sea creatures.



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