Rollin’ Rascals DS


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Category: Puzzle
Status: Released
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Platform: DS
Publisher: Hoget


The residents of Kololo Kingdom have gone missing! From pandas to puppies to pigs, these adorable round critters must be grouped in matching twos and sent home where they belong. Roll them around obstacles and reconnect them with their partners to ensure their safe return in the newest puzzle addiction to hit the DS!

  • Use your Stylus to roll adorable rascals around obstacles and into identical twos to eliminate them from the game board. Clear the board within the time limit to progress!
  • Four modes of nonstop puzzle play:
    • Attack Mode: more rascals appear and create additional obstacles while helping you eliminate enough pairs to proceed to the next level in fast paced, frantic action.
    • Challenge Mode: send all the rascals home before time runs out as more obstacles appear in progressively difficult levels.
    • Battle Mode: Two player single and multi-card puzzle face offs challenge you to finish the puzzle before a friend does.
    • Kololohouse Mode: design a home for your rascals by shopping for furniture, goods and the perfect room theme using currency earned in Challenge and Attack Modes. Coordinate your room to your liking and make your Rolling Rascals as cozy as possible!
  • Multiple difficulty modes with varying levels in each: Easy (10 levels), Normal (20 levels in each mode) and Hard (!!)



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