Treasure World DS


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Category: Entertainment
Status: Unreleased
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Platform: DS
Publisher: Aspyr Media


Get out and explore to uncover thousands of wondrous treasures that are waiting to be found. Create a secret world that becomes more vibrant and melodic as your riches grow. Expand your world and join Club Treasure World (coming soon) where you can chat, set up trades and show off with other treasure hunters across the globe.

  • Explore and discover WiFi signals in the real world that will unlock thousands of treasures in the game. Use the treasures to create your own customized world.
  • Treasures encompass numerous themes and appeal to boys, girls and gamers of all ages.
  • Use your imagination to dress up a character that is uniquely yours – choose from over 100 character sets like Ninja, Panda, Anime, Sports, Feline and so much more.
  • Add some melody to your world and create a musical masterpiece with every treasure you collect. Choose from 150 song templates or be creative and lay down your own tunes.
  • Earn and collect Stardust to buy your treasure collection’s missing pieces.
  • Join Club Treasure World (coming soon) and chat with members to find out their favorite treasure spots, show off music and treasures, set up trades and more!
  • Share and trade your bounty with friends DS to DS or using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.



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