No one lives forever ps2


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Category: FPS
Status: Released
Official Homepage: N/A
Platform: PS2
Publisher: Monolith Productions


Assume the role of Cate Archer, a beautiful but deadly operative working for UNITY--a super secret organization fighting to free the world from the clutches of H.A.R.M. From tense subterfuge to in-your-face combat, No One Lives Forever ups the ante for plot-driven, 1960's-influenced spy action with killer weapons, vivid international locales, and deadly arch villains.

  • 60 levels set in exotic locales skydive from a plummeting airliner, fight off killer sharks, and explore twisted jungles.
  • Exclusive new adventures the PlayStation 2 version of the PC smash introduces four new levels featuring Cate in her younger days as a thief.
  • Original gameplay smart enemies move and react with striking realism. Watch them seek cover, respond to suspicious sounds, or launch coordinated attacks.
  • More than 30 unique weapons and gadgets, including a rocket-launching briefcase, a robotic poodle, infrared goggles, exploding lipstick, and lethal acid perfume.



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